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Stand Alone Mode


Stand Alone Mode

Stand Alone Mode

 FCM is a fast and convenient hard drive browser of FTIR spectra (Bruker, Nicolet, Grams (Galactic) compatible format, text x-y pair format).

Directory, spectrum header/footer information, and the spectrum are all displayed quickly.  FCM data format is the same as Grams format regarding file header and data area.  FCM data format has footer area to store measurement conditions or some other information. 

FCM allows one to quickly move from spectrum to spectrum in a list. 

FCM can display multiple spectra on the same screen.

FCM contains a Classical Least Squares quantitative routine for gas phase spectra.

FCM’s CLS allows on to easily picking any number of spectral windows for concentration calculations using a cursor when viewing the spectrum or inputting the data from the keyboard.

FCM’s CLS is piece wise linear allowing non-linear calibration.

FCM’s CLS allows one to either enter temperature and pressure manually or read in from the collected spectrum.

FCM allows one to work up a method for a single gas phase component using standards.

FCM allows one to work up a method for a number of gas phase components using multiple standards of mixtures or independent spectra.  (Unlike PLS or PCR methods, one does not need to generate multiple standards !!!

FCM can process using CLS on a single saved spectrum.

FCM can process using CLS on a series of saved spectra in a sequence of measurements.

FCM allows one to open the file for a full screen display and more spectral work up with roll, zoom, multiple spectral display, etc.

An example of the browser display of a hard drive spectra is shown below



The next screen shot shows the concentration of the compound H2O as a function of time.  The table on the left shows the file names, time stamp of the data, temperature, pressure, calculated and concentration.  The plot of concentration verse time (trend line) is shown in the red graph and the spectrum (where the cursor is located on the trend line) is displayed in blue.  One can display any of the files saved with the data such as background, single beam, or absorbance spectrum.




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