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Slave Mode

Slave Mode


A process control computer can control FCM telling FCM when to collect data.  FCM will collect the data, process the results, and provide the results to the process computer


 Slave Mode: 

FCM is connected to PLC, and FCM works as a slave of PLC.

PCL requests measure FTIR spectra, and requests concentration.

PLC controls valve system, PLC issues warning/alarm according to the concentration sent from FCM.

FCM and PLC are doing a handshake with each other.  (PLC and FCM can monitor each other to determine if they are alive to reduce the risk of no-observation.)

PLC can issue a warning that the FTIR is not running properly by looking at FTIR diagnostics as well as the results from FCM.


An example of FCM running in the Slave Mode is shown in the flow chart below.

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