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Master Mode

Master Mode:

FCM controls the FTIR spectrometer.

FCM controls valve system.

FCM collects processes and analyzes the FTIR data using the CLS methods developed.

FCM issues warning/alarm according to the concentration.

FCM can be used on any type of valve system (flexible).

FCM can set valve action sequences.

FCM can calibrate path length of gas cell during collection automatically.

FCM can check S/N Ratio during collection automatically.

FCM can prove the accuracy of collected data by gas cell calibration and S/N ratio during collection.

The next screen shot shows the system in the Master Mode.  In the Master Mode, FCM tells the FTIR spectrometer to collect spectra using a preset set of instrument parameters (such as resolution, zero fill, apodization, etc.)  The Master Mode not only controls the FTIR spectrometer collect, but can be used to control sample valves in a manifold and alarm outputs and more. 

FCM will then take each spectrum, process it, and produce the tabled results, trend line, and store the raw and final data as requested and shown in the Stand Alone Mode above.  In this screen shot one can see the file names, time stamp, the temperature, pressure, and calculated concentration for moisture.  The trend line plot of the concentration is again in red and the spectrum is in blue at the bottom.  Note that one can save raw data such as interferogram, background, single beam, as well as absorbance spectrum and the results for each collected spectrum in the series run. 

Note: Master Mode should only used with Manned-Operation to avoid risk of hanging PC during un-Manned-Operation.


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