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Software  Platforms

Platforms and Tools


  • VisualStudio 6.0/.Net
  • (C++, C#, VisualBasic)
  • ASP
  • Windows CE and Windows Mobile

  • eMbedded C++/VisualBasic
  • VisualStudio .Net
  • PlatformBuilder
  • Linux

  • C++
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Internet and Client-Server

  • Linux, Windows
  • Apache, Microsoft IIS
  • Agavi, Symphony frameworks
  • PHP, ASP.Net
  • JAVA, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL



FCM (FTIR Collection Manager)


Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan.


Develop software allowing for effortless long term monitoring of changing gas concentrations over time which can be used with instrument from various manufacturers.


Windows 2000/XP, C#/C++, TCP/IP, SMTP, Fins Gateway

Special requirements Enformatic solution

Easy to use                          

The application looks like Windows Explorer, which makes it intuitive and easy to work with from the start. Selecting a file gives and instant preview of its contents, whether it is text, spectral, or analysis data.

Unified interface for multiple instruments using FCM

Regardless of the manufacturer of the instrument used, the application looks and behaves exactly the same. Of course, minor differences exist (such as instrument specific parameters), but they have no impact on the overall usability of the software.

24/7/365 monitoring

Software is capable of endless monitoring of changes in gas concentrations. File Management options allow to define how much old data should be kept, thus eliminating problems with running out of disk space.

 Remote notification of problems or alarm conditions

For situations when FCM is used in clean rooms or toxic environments which prevent on-demand access to the PC, a separate application can be installed on a networked computer which will monitor all FCM systems in the local network. It will report on the screen and via e-mail about any alarm conditions (too high or too low concentrations), system errors or systems that are not responding.



Example 2

FTIR Imager Customer

Surface Optics Corporation, San Diego, USA.


Develop control software for FTIR Imaging reflectometer with samplepositioning for automated inspection of surfaces up to 5 x 15 inches (13 x 38 cm).


Windows XP, Visual C++

Special requirements Enformatic solution

Handle large data sets

With 16384 detectors this reflectometer can generate up to 250MB (1/4GB) of 3 dimensional data for a single measurement and terabytes of data in the course of full inspection.

Yet, using regular PC with 1GB of memory, user can effortlessly without any noticeable delays view collected data. That’s because files are optimized for quick data extraction

Composite image from all       Instrument is equipped with positioning motors for the

measurements                       sample to be inspected which allow it to be moved in 4 directions. User only needs to enter the size of the sample and margins from the edges. Software will automatically move the sample between measurements and create final composite image from all measurements.

The image itself is composed from 3 dimensional data and can be view as cross sections or spectra (depth).

More examples of scientific applications, instrument development software, internet website applications, website translation into different languages, software developments for pocket PCs and computers using the platforms and tools above are available.  Please contact FTIR.com for more information on custom software development.  We will work on projects under a non-disclosure agreement.   We can customize the software for your project at a very reasonable cost.  We have the people and expertise.

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