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Custom Software Development

Our software division specializes in design and development as well as implementation, training and support of software systems which can be stand alone applications or part of more complex solutions integrated with sophisticated hardware. We can be outsourced to create the entire product or to develop only a part of a larger system.


The key in design is understanding. Only by understanding customers’ needs we can meet and even surpass their expectations. Often, customers only have and idea for a products or service, but don’t necessarily know how to make it happen.  Our software engineers can develop software for desktop computers and handheld devices.  They work in most all the modern high level software programs (see Software Platforms page).

We offer design from the basic graphical user interfaces (GUIs) thru the interaction design to the whole system information-flow design.


Even if we are provided with ready designs, we still take time to understand why things are designed that way. With this fundamental understanding, we can better develop the product.

We develop using various programming languages and tools on several platforms. Long gone are days of DOS and floppy disks. Today, successful products require implementation of various technologies often on multiple platforms. We are capable and experienced developer who can deliver a finished product or resourcesto help in your development.

Implementation and Training

We support what we do, that’s obvious. But sometimes a self-installing solution is not enough and an on-site implementation is necessary. Enformatic can assist with all phases of implementation and training.


Once the solution has been successfully implemented, we can provide remote assistance or on-site support directly to your customers thus eliminating costs of hiring and training new personnel.


Good Investment

Customers do not perceive us as a cost; they see us as an investment upon which they can growth their businesses.

Our services and solutions are characterized by expertise, quality and flexibility.


We have professional staff with years of experience working for demanding customers. We speak English, we write code in English, and we comment and provide documentation in English. Many times our inventiveness and resolve have been challenged with daunting tasks or impossible deadlines, yet we have always delivered successful products.


The measure of quality is not justbug-free software, but the overall user experience based on intuitive interface,logical information flow, and features fulfilling all customers’ requirements. To achieve that, we employ the best development practices, such as Agile Development techniques, user interaction/interface standards and Microsoft “Designed for…” standards, thus assuring familiar look-and­feel of the interfaces and commonly used functionalities.


Working with Enformatic software team, you do not have to worry about time differences, long distance, or language barriers. We adjust to you.  Of course, that does not mean we will learn all the native languages of all the customers we have, but we make effort to organize our work relationship to minimize its impact on your organization.

Happy Customers

Here are some quotes from our customers:

“…listening, learning how to use the product and forthcoming with solutions, in addition to writing an excellent code makes them a preferred software developer for Surface Optics Corporation.” ---  Michael Beecroft, Manager of Engineering Surface Optics Corporation, San Diego, USA

“Enformatic has worked with us on developing successful custom process applications.”  --- Yoshihiro Osawa Ph.D., Product Specialist Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan



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